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Home Page

is just the page to get the person attracted to our website. Its there to give information out accordingly and to give basic knowledge of what you get.


is where recent job postings for your job interest is found. You set your job interest as soon as you create your account. Which is always going to update and find the most recent jobs from

Resume/Resume Builder

is a page to let the user create their very own resume. All they have to do is fill out each and every field. The resume will be automatically generated which can either be printed or rendered as a PDF.

Job Search

is the page that lets you search for any job that you would like. As long as there is an actual job then yes it will load. If not then you will get an error and asked to fill out an actual job.


is the page that lets you get tips on how to get ready for a job interview. It also helps you figure out how to write a resume and also a cover letter. This page is the most useful and will give you the best tips.